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  • M 1840 Cavalry Officer Saber
    M 1840 Cavalry Officer Saber

    M 1840 Cavalry Officer Saber. Rare saber with brass scabbard fittings and rare full length. Horstmann saber are ususallye encountered in the 31.5 inch version. Brass guard has distinct Horstmann casting and is in excellent condition with traces of gilt. Sharkskin grip and dragoon wire are excellent as well. Blade is not mint but is a 8.5-9 on a 10 scale. H Read More »
    Added: 09/03/15   Price: $3,650

  • M 1850 Foot Officer Sword
    M 1850 Foot Officer Sword

    M 1850 Foot Officer Sword. Excellent example. Brass guard has great casting with almost 90% gilt remaining. Grip and wire are excellent. Blade is minty with great etch, frost and original polish. Obverse etch has proof marks - fan foliate / stand of arms - foliate / spread winged eagle / E. Pluribus Unum - foliate. Reverse etch fan foliate - stand of arm Read More »
    Added: 09/03/15   Price: $2,450

  • Non Regulation Staff & Field Sword
    Non Regulation Staff & Field Sword

    Non Regulation Staff & Field Sword. Standard steel hilted non regulation officer sword that is commonly seen. Steel guard has no issues. Grip on obverse side has some wear but the wood showing has a nice patina and most people are not aware of sharskin loss unless you are looking at the grip close. Wire is complete with dragoon wire with flanking wires. Blad Read More »
    Added: 09/03/15   Price: $900

  • M 1849 Colt Pocket - c. 1856
    M 1849 Colt Pocket - c. 1856

    M 1849 Colt Pocket - c. 1856 based on serial # 128698. Six inch barrel. Great cylander scene. All #'s matching. Blue and case color are very good showing even wear from normal use. Silver has some wear on the back strap and trigger guard leaving about 40%. Grips have excellent original varnish. Overall a great pistol with excellent mechanics. Read More »
    Added: 09/02/15   Price: $2,450


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Featured Sword Maker - Ames Mfg Co.

The N.P. Ames Company opened its doors in 1791 at their factory at Chelmsford, Massachusetts. In 1832 Nathan P. Ames signed his first contract with the United States government for Foot Artillery swords. Thus began the tradition that exists to this day at America's oldest sword manufacturer.
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Swords for Sale made by Ames

Ames Sword for Sale
Ames - Springfield, Throat w/ carry ring & Drag
Ames Sword for Sale
High Grade AMES - Famous fire zouaves - Ellsworth
Ames Sword for Sale
Only known example 1865 dated Ames Cavalry Officer