Valuations & Appraisals

You must send us at least 1 Picture plus a Detailed Description of your Item
We offer 2 services
  1. Estimated Value based on your photographs and description ................. $20 USD
  2. Official Appraisal Letter as required for insurance or estate purposes... $200 USD *
    We must take photos and examine the item in person

        * Plus Return Shipping, Reduced Price for Multiple Items

Send ALL your pictures together ... No more than 5
Closeups are required for large items

Detailed Item Description
Please, add as much detail as possible
Contact Information
Name and Email are required

For your own Protection ... Please do not ship actual items without prior approval. Because of the amount of correspondence we receive, actual photos will not be returned unless accompanied by a self addressed stamped envelope.

Payment for Valuation / Appraisal ... You must complete the Payment Step after Sending Request before we can proceed with the Valuation / Appraisal.