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Original 25 Cent North Carolina Currency

Original 25 Cent North Carolina Currency

Item #: CR364

Fractional N. C. Confederate Paper Money

Manufd: North Carolina 
Year: 1863 
Model: 25 Cents 
Size: 5 X 2 1/2 in 
Condition: VG+ 

 USA/Canada - $5 per Item
 Europe - $10 per Item
 APAC - $10 per Item
 S,Cent America - $10 per Item


Price: $48 USD

This original 25 cent North Carolina currency is in very good condition, crisp and no holes, tears or wrinkles.  The color is light tan with black lettering and designs.  It is dated at Raleigh Jany 1, 1863 and payable at the treasury on or before January 1, 1866.  The back of the bill is blank.