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G.A.R. Ex-Prisoners of War Badge

G.A.R. Ex-Prisoners of War Badge

Item #: IR312

National Assn. Union Ex-Prisoners of War

Year made: 1899
Made in: Philadelphia, Pa
Maker: J K Davison
Model: -
Size: 1.50X3.75 in
Grade: Excellent

 USA/Canada - $10 per Item
 Europe - $20 per Item
 APAC - $20 per Item
 S,Cent America - $20 per Item


Price: $370 USD

A great badge of the National Assn. Union of G.A.R. Ex-Prisoners of War. The medallion at the top depicts the liberty bell in the center with 18 to the left and 99 to the right with the word Philadelphia underneath. The ribbon is half teal and half gold with silver printing. The ribbon is not frayed at all. The round medal hanging from the ribbon has G.A.R. 33rd National Encampment on it and the center piece has DEATH BEFORE DISHONOR and U.EX.P.W. stamped on it. The reverse side has the makers name in a very small round circle at the bottom center of the medal.