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Black Gutta-Percha Locket

Black Gutta-Percha Locket

Item #: JR310

Unique Gutta-Percha Locket with Jet Bead

Year made: C.W. Era
Made in: U S
Maker: -
Model: Locket
Size: 2X2.5 in.
Grade: VG-Exc

 USA/Canada - $15 per Item
 Europe - $30 per Item
 APAC - $30 per Item
 S,Cent America - $30 per Item


Price: $475 USD

A fine locket made of gutta-percha that opens to reveal two pictures of a mother and her son. The top of the locket in the shape of a cross is held in place by a Jet bead. The cross and the bottom part that holds the pictures are very detailed with flowers and teardrops. The back is blank with only the jet pin coming through to hold the bead in place.