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Drum Sticks presented Jesse Mills W/ Article & CDV +archive

Drum Sticks presented Jesse Mills W/ Article & CDV +archive

Item #: PRK301

GREATEST HISTORY-Drum Sticks presented to Jesse Mills - Original newspaper article of presentation & docs.

Year made: 1862
Made in: Newbern, NC
Maker: 13th Brooklyn - 51st NY
Model: Pres.
Size: 2 sets
Grade: Excellent+

 USA/Canada - $20 per Item
 Europe - $40 per Item
 APAC - $40 per Item
 S,Cent America - $40 per Item


Price: $5,400 USD

GREATEST HISTORY--2 sets of Drum Sticks presented to Jesse Mills With original CDV,

Original newspaper article of presentation & Lots of documents.

These two musicians were the only musicians to respond to lead the company in their charge at Newbern. Jesse Mills, a young drummer boy and John Sully the Fife-Major.

Article from Newbern Progress June 14, 1862

Camp Potter …in Co. G. 51st Regt N.Y.S.M. … to Jesse Mills, Drummer - 2 sets of drum sticks one very handsomely mounted (silver) bearing the name of the recipient and that of the donors.

The 13th Brooklyn, NYSM.. They were presented by Co. B 13th Regt. As a token of their appreciation of the gallantry of these two young men in furnishing the only music in the whole division in the march to meet the enemy at Newbern.

The silver caps on both presentation sticks Read: To / Jesse Mills / from / Co. B 13th Reg't. N.Y.S.M.

The second set of sticks show their battle use and have a cool field repair of twisted twine.

There are numerous large printed GAR and State of New York awards 23rd NY that would be great framed. There is also the paper highlighting the auction of the Mills artifacts. These units had great history and these are the finest historical and best-documented presentation Drum Sticks offered. Great history of a Drummer Boy that really saw the Elephant at several important battles. The 51st first active service of the regiment was  at Roanoke island, where it fought with courage and steadiness. The battle of New Berne followed in March, in which the 51st suffered the most severely of any regiment engaged-71 men being killed or wounded. It participated in Gen. Pope's campaign; was present at Kelly's ford; was closely engaged at Sulphur Springs, the second Bull Run and Chantilly, with a loss in the campaign of 89 in killed, wounded and missing. It was active at South mountain and Antietam, losing in the latter battle 87 killed or wounded in a most brilliant charge across the stone bridge, which alone would have made the fighting qualities of the regiment renowned. The 51st was engaged at Jefferson, Va., and Warrenton Springs and Fredericksburg, where it took part in the battle in December with a loss of 73 members.  After sharing the hardships of Burnside's "Mud March," the regiment transferred to the Department of the West and with the 9th corps arrived at Vicksburg in June. It participated in the siege operations and the pursuit to Jackson, Miss.; then proceeded to Tennessee, where it Participated in the battle of Blue Springs; was active at Campbell's station, and assisted in the defense of Knoxville during the siege. In the Wilderness campaign the loss of the regiment was 79 during the first two days, including Col. LeGendre, who was wounded in the eye.&nb