Horster, Civil War Non-Reg. Cavalry Officer

Horster, Civil War Non-Reg. Cavalry Officer

Item #: SG479

  Horster, Civil War Non-Reg. Cavalry Officer

Year made: Civil War
Made in: Solingen
Maker: F. Horster junior
Model: Non-Reg.
Size: 31.75 blade
Grade: Fine

 USA/Canada - $20 per Item
 Europe - $40 per Item
 APAC - $40 per Item
 S,Cent America - $40 per Item


Price: $2,800 USD

Marked: F. Horster junior, Solingen is this Civil War Non-Regulation Cavalry Officer saber in German Silver with a fancy folding counter guard. The grip is shark skin with two strands of twisted copper wire flanking a single strand of dragoon twist wire. It has two branches on the guard joining the flat knuckle bow which is slotted for a saber knot. The pommel / back strap is decorated with a chevron style three step pommel and a chevron design on the back strap. The folding counter guard is composed of open work scroll designs. The blade has dry needle F. Horster within the etched design of scrolls, arms and armor, a Federal Eagle, EPU and finishes with scrolls. The reverse has Solingen, scrolls, a block U.S., a stand of arms and scroll work. The German Silver scabbard is special cut to accomodate the folding guard. It has a few pushes in the lower half and an iron drag.