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M1840 Officer, High Grade, Non-Reg. Gen. Robert Cowdin

M1840 Officer, High Grade, Non-Reg. Gen. Robert Cowdin

Item #: SG509

Mother of Pearl grip, Blade Presentation - Engraved Brass scabbard.

Year made: 1848
Made in: Cabotville, Mass.
Maker: Ames Mfg. Co.
Model: M1840 Officer, High Grade
Size: 32.2 inch blade
Grade: VG-Exc

 USA/Canada - $24 per Item
 Europe - $48 per Item
 APAC - $48 per Item
 S,Cent America - $48 per Item


Price: $26,000 USD

A very high grade m1840 staff Officer sword with Mother of pearl grips, An applied eagle with arms and flags. A super blade presentation that reads: Presented by the officer's and privates of the / Washington Light Infantry to Capt. / Robert Cowdin  Feb'y 22nd 1848. Captain Cowdin was later a gallant General in the Civil War. He is noted for his bravery when he stood in the line of fire and refused to take cover exclaiming "THE BULLET HAS NOT BEEN CAST THAT WILL KILL ME TODAY."  The blade is etched with Ames Mfg. Co. / Cabotville / Mass.   It also has foliate, stand of arms, flags and a liberty cap, an American eagle under stars and rays. The reverse has Tecumseh, foliate and the presentation plaque. The guard has a folding counter guard and is silver plated. The Brass scabbard is also deeply inscribed and chased as well as being silver plated as well. The engraving starts with a super WAR Eagle holding 7 lightening bolts. No olive branch. There is a deeply chased scroll between the mounts and a 10 inch design of a stand of arms with cartridge box, knapsack,, blanket roll drum, bugle, arrows crossed flags, a Fasces and Liberty cap pole all sitting on scroll work. The drag blade is chased and has scroll and design work.