Sauerbier M1850 Foot w/ Flag engraving, Union & eagles

Sauerbier M1850 Foot w/ Flag engraving, Union & eagles

Item #: SG510

 A finely detailed Sauerbier with etched flags, union motto, Eagles and a US. It also has a seldom seen sharkskin grip

Year made: Civil War
Made in: Newark, NJ
Maker: H. Sauerbier
Model: 1850 Foot Officer
Size: 31 inch blade
Grade: VG

 USA/Canada - $20 per Item
 Europe - $40 per Item
 APAC - $40 per Item
 S,Cent America - $40 per Item


Price: $2,550 USD

Henry Sauerbier foot officers sword with a sharkskin grip. The guard is of the standard foot officer pattern. The knuckle bow is attached to the pommel by means of a screw (a Sauerbier trait). The pommel is slanted in typical Sauerbier fashion it has a little extra embellishment with a leaf pattern on the back and chase work around the crown and on top it is attached by a recessed capstan nut. The blade edging consists of folate, a war Eagle with six lightning bolt arrows. A center panel with folate a federal shield and a banner that reads: Union. Further up the blade is folate decoration again with the word Union. The reverse side has a blank plaque for a retailers name a center panel with folate a round a large US. It continues with scroll work and then unfurled American flag.  The scabbard is leather with a top seam. It has acid etched brass mounts the top mount features a standard of arms with a flowing American flag, the middle mount has a geometric design and the drag has a beautiful Eagle sitting on a federal shield along with geometrics. The cast drag blade has a graduated line of circles and geometrics at the bottom.

Condition. Sword has never been cleaned. The blade would clean, guard pommel grip and wire are all excellent. scabbard leather has scuffing, no breaks or cracks. Mounts are very good with unusual, high grade Sauerbier etching.