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PA. Enameled Keystone Infantry hat insignia

PA. Enameled Keystone Infantry hat insignia

Item #: SI301

Emameled Pennsylvania Militia infantry hat insig.

Year made: 1880-1900
Made in: Pennsylvania Militia
Maker: -
Model: Infantry
Size: Hat insignia
Grade: Excellent

 USA/Canada - $5 per Item
 Europe - $10 per Item
 APAC - $10 per Item
 S,Cent America - $10 per Item


Price: $24 USD

We have a small supply of these enameled infantry hat insignia. They are all crossed rifles from the state of PA. and all have the colored enamel Keystone. These were in use from the 1880 or Indian War period up to and including the Spanish American War period. All are in excellent condition with all pins and screw back intact. These will be sold by our random selection as to color and regiment. If you order more than one there will be no additional shipping charges.