Only known example 1865 dated Ames Cavalry Officer

Only known example 1865 dated Ames Cavalry Officer

Item #: SPCK300

  Dated, inspected - One of only 44 ordered by the ORD. Dept.

Year made: 1865
Made in: Chicopee, Mass.
Maker: Ames Mfg. Co.
Model: M1860 Officer
Size: -
Grade: VG+

 USA/Canada - $20 per Item
 Europe - $40 per Item
 APAC - $40 per Item
 S,Cent America - $40 per Item


Price: $9,000 USD

This example surfaced a few years ago at the Baltimore show. It was not available in time to be included in John Thillmann's book Civil War Cavalry and Artillery Sabers. The sword is a standard Ames Cavalry Officer hilt. This is the comparison, it is the sword on the left in the picture showing two swords. The mold was much sharper on the early sword than on this 1865 version (Left).  The 1865 shows little detail and also shows less finish work. It only has the slightest trace of thin gilt. The wire also shows no trace of gilt as on the early examples. The blade appears to be a standard 1865 enlisted blade which is dated and inspected with the Ames scroll marking. There is some frost, very lightly etched with the standard Ames designs. The scabbard is plain steel with what appears to be a little better finishing than that of the standard enlisted. The scabbard has no markings. Scabbard is excellent. This looks to be a quick effort to deliver the last of the Ames Cavalry Officer swords before war's end.