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Field sword of Christopher C. Augur-Brigadier Gen.

Field sword of Christopher C. Augur-Brigadier Gen.

Item #: SPG1000

  General Christopher Columbus Augur -Great and long military history. Early Indian fighter, Mexican War, Civil War, Indian War.

Made: 1862 / New York / Solingen
Maker: Schuyler, Hartley & Graham / Clauberg
Model: Non-Reg. Staff & Field
Size: 35.2 inch blade
Grade: VG-Exc

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Price: $49,000 USD

This historically important sword is inscribed between the scabbard mounts:    Christopher C. Augur / Brigadier General / of Volunteers / 1862.

Circular blade marking on the ricasso: Schuyler, Hartley and Graham New York surrounding a field of 13 stars. The reverse ricasso is the standing knight mark --- W. / Clauberg / (knight) / Solingen. The 35.2 inch blade is ersatz damascene finish for the entire length, beautifully done with gold washed center panels. Obverse panel has a Federal Eagle and sunburst and the reverse having a bold U.S. The fancy half basket guard has a hinged folding counter guard. The knucklebow is about 1/3rd wider than that usually seen. The pommel is the face of the mythological God of War with winged headgear. The shield within the guard is decorated on both sides. The inside is cast and chased foliate on a sharply lined background. The outside of the shield has a raised Federal Eagle. The guard terminates in a deeply cut quillon. The grip is sharkskin with twisted brass wire and two single strands. The steel scabbard has fancy wide brass mounts 18 stars over the American eagle on the top mount, A stand of arms and armor on the middle mount and foliate designs on the drag. The original silver bullion sword knot is attached. Also included are a large photograph of the General, a hand written letter and 5 Presidential signed Commissions two by Lincoln, one be Polk,Tyler and Filmore,                         

   Christopher C. Augur (1821-1898) - Born 10 Jul 1821, Kendall, New York. Died 16 Jan 1898, Washington, D.C.  Graduated U.S.Military Academy  with U.S. Grant and 9 other Generals for the North and three to the South. He was a Mexican War veteran and later became commandant of cadets at West Point. His first active field command during the Civil War was on the line of the Rappahannock during the Peninsular campaign. Augur was one of several professional soldiers victimized by General N. P. Banks's poor showing at Cedar Mountain and was severely wounded in the Federal rout. Banks asked for him as second in command of the New Orleans expedition that fall, and Augur commanded the left wing of the army during the siege and attacks on Port Hudson, Louisiana. From October 1863 until the end of the war he commanded the XXII Corps.