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Very Rare Judge Advocate Shoulder Boards

Very Rare Judge Advocate Shoulder Boards

Item #: UR382

Only pair we have encountered in 45 years

Manufd: US 
Maker: unmarked 
Year: cCivil War 
Model: Captain 
Condition: VG-Exc 

 USA/Canada - $34 per Item
 Europe - $68 per Item
 APAC - $68 per Item
 S,Cent America - $68 per Item


Price: $5,500 USD

Wonderful pair of high quality and extra rich Captain's shoulder boards with JA (Judge Advocate) bullion pillows. Wide bullion fringe, red Moroccan leather backing with rich purple silk. All excellent. Original japanned tin case. These are very rare. If you know a collector in or interested in the legal field these would be a wonderful acquisition and investment. This is the only pair of these known at this time.