Best ever Book - Civil War Era Sabers

Item #: SDB103

Recently found 2 used but excellent copies of Cavalry & Artillery Sabers.

Made: 2001 / A. Mobray-Publisher
Maker: J. Thillmann-Author
Model: -

Condition: Excellent

Price: $259 USD
Bible of Jacob Peffer

Item #: BKR317

Presented to me--by one of the soldiers

Made: 1862 / New York
Maker: American Bible
Model: 1861

Condition: VG

Item On Hold

Memorial Edition - Book Story of the Wreck of the Titantic

Item #: BKR316

The Oceans Greatest Disaster

Made: 1912 / New York
Maker: Marshall Everett
Model: Book

Condition: VG-Exc

Price: $1,500 USD
Rowlandsville, VA owned American  Medical Library

Item #: BKR414

Interesting Id. deserves some research

Made: 1839 / Philadelphia
Maker: Pub. by Adam Waldie
Model: -

Condition: Good

Price: $295 USD