Gold Handle CaneWilliam R. Tubbs 143rd PA Wounded Gettysburg

Item #: MJM242

G.A.R. Gold Handle Cane Presented to William R. Tubbs 143rd PA.
Wounded in the leg at Gettysburg July 2nd.

Made: 1880's / Unknown
Maker: Unknown
Model: Gold Handle Cane

Condition: Excellent

Price: $1,750 USD
John Brown Exicution Token Coin- 1859

Item #: MJM198

John Brown Token Coin- 1859.

Made: 1859 / -
Maker: -
Model: John Brown - Token Coin

Condition: Good

Price: $595 USD
Silver Topped Cane - ID to W. R. Tubbs wounded Gettysburg

Item #: MJM243

Silver Topped Cane - ID to  Captain W. R. Tubbs.  Also found in the records as William A. Tubbs.
William Tubbs received a lhead wound on July 2nd during the battle of Gettysburg. He was then captured.

Made: 1867 / Unknown
Maker: Unknown
Model: Silver topped cane

Condition: Excellent

Price: $950 USD
Wood block Artillery cannon rammer

Item #: MG355

Artillery rammer

Made: 1812-1860s / -
Maker: -
Model: -

Condition: VG+

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