eBook subscription - Swords of Honor & Regulation

Item #: ebook01

Swords of Honoor and Regulation by Kevin Hoffman - a photographic aid to identification and variations of U.S. and C.S. Swords

Made: 2011 /
Maker: Kevin Hoffman
Model: eBook

Condition: New

Price: $29 USD
Kraft, Goldschmidt & Kraft Massive Cavalry Saber

Item #: SG335

Kraft, Goldschmidt & Kraft otherwise known as K,G & K.

Made: Civil War / Columbia, SC
Maker: Kraft, Goldschmidt & Kraft
Model: Cavalry Officer

Condition: VG-Exc

M 1832 Artillery Short Sword dated 1842

Item #: SJM426

M 1832 Artillery Short Sword.

Made: 1842 / Springfield Mass
Maker: N. P. Ames
Model: M 1832 Artillery Short Sword

Condition: VG+

Price: $750 USD
M 1860 Cavalry Saber

Item #: SJM211

M 1860 "T"marked Cavalry Saber. Presumed to be Tomes, son & Melvain.

Made: 1861-62 / New York
Maker: Tomes, Son & Melvain
Model: M 1860 Cavalry Saber

Condition: Good

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M 1860 Naval Cutlass

Item #: SJM190

Civil war Ames - Model 1860 Naval cutlass dated 1861 complete with scabbard.

Made: 1861 / Chicopee Mass
Maker: Ames
Model: M 1860 naval Cutlass

Condition: VG+

Price: $975 USD
Musician- lightly etched 26.75 in. Marine length

Item #: SEG278

Etched blade, Marine Corps Length, Early hilt details and early blade style

Made: c1840-60s / Phila., PA
Maker: Horstmann
Model: musician

Condition: VG+

Price: $595 USD