Confederate Swords 7
Thomas-Griswold Confederate  Swords from Louisiana

State of LA foot officer sword. Brass hilt, leather grip, twisted wire, 2 piece pomel. Blade has unstopped fuller and is etched with Pelican holding confederate flags, flanked with C. S. Leather scabbard is top stiched, with brass mounts.


Thomas-Griswold, New Orleans staff officer. Guard features a crest with script CS, flags and a wreath, all cast in high relief. Leather scabbard is top stiched with brass mounts.


The "FORT" sword by Thomas-Griswold.The guard depicts a fort thought by many to be Fort Sumter. Grip is leather with twisted wire. Blade is engraved with C.S. Scabbard is brass with brass mounts.

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