Confederate Swords 3
Boyle Gamble Swords & Saber Bayonet

Rare confederate muscians sword by Boyle, Gamble. Closely copied from U.S.version bou with crude casting. Blade has unstopped fuller and typical B&G flaw about 1" down from hilt. Scabbard is top stitched leather with typical B&G brass mounts. Leather is carved " Taken by M. Moore" Co. K 13th N.H. Cane with many other Items from M.Moore.


Boyle Gamble N.C.O. sword. Leather grip,single wire. Blade has unstopped fuller. Top stitched leather scabbard with same B&G mounts as found on Muscians sword.


Boyle Gamble Brass hilted saber bayonet.

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