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Model 1819 U.S. Crossbelt Plate

Model 1819 U.S. Crossbelt Plate

Item #: BBR372

A scarce plate at a great price

Year made: 1828-29
Made in: Philadelphia, PA
Maker: George Armitage
Size: 54x76mm
Grade: Excellent+

 USA/Canada - $15 per Item
 Europe - $30 per Item
 APAC - $30 per Item
 S,Cent America - $30 per Item


Price: $1,125 USD

Pattern of 1819, Oval U.S. Shoulder plate was designed by George Armitage of Philadelphia. There was an order for 5000 of these rolled brass plates but few survive today. This plate is very good condition with one prong missing but could be restored if you choose. The price is right on this one.      This type is shown on page 76, plate # 110 in American Military Belt Plated by O'Donnell & Campbell