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Ames Non Regulation - scarce OPEN guard

Ames Non Regulation -  scarce OPEN guard

Item #: SJM226

Ames Non Regulation - open guard similar to the French Infantry M 1821

Year made: 1851 - early war yrs
Made in: Chicopee Mass
Maker: Ames
Model: Ames Non Reg Foot Officer
Size: 29.75 blade
Grade: VG

 USA/Canada - $24 per Item
 Europe - $48 per Item
 APAC - $48 per Item
 S,Cent America - $48 per Item


Price: $1,750 USD

Ames Non Regulation open guard foot officer sword. This guard is like the standard foot officer of the m1850 with the casting eliminating the decorative foliate between the guard. These also had a special scabbard which is attributed to E. Gaylord. It is similar in style to the French Infantry M 1821.  Identical sword to the Ames Non Reg on pg 415 of John  Thillmann's Civil War Army Swords.  This is a rare sword.  Brass guard is standard M 1850 Foot Off. Sword with floral casting cut away. Several other examples are shown in this work. The Grip is leather with twisted wire.  Grip has the seam on the side as normally seen on Ames Foot off. Swords.  Brown leather, back seamed scabbard with brass mounts have the support rings directly attached to the mounts rather than the usual ring band around the mounts. The  Blade is not etched or maker marked.   This is a well used / carried sword as the drag is worn and the blade tip is also worn to the shape of the drag.  Blade is gray with several chips along its edge which is testimony for it's use in the field.  

A hard sword to find for even an advanced Ames collector.

Hilt with leather grip wrap

ReverseInside view showing OPEN guard

Bottom view of the open guard




Drag showing heavy use, worn almost away.

Blade tip worn to the shape of the scabbard drag wear.