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eBook subscription - Swords of Honor & Regulation

eBook subscription - Swords of Honor & Regulation

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Swords of Honoor and Regulation by Kevin Hoffman - a photographic aid to identification and variations of U.S. and C.S. Swords

Year made: 2011
Made in: CivilWarPreservations.com
Maker: Kevin Hoffman
Model: eBook
Size: Over 500 swords & 4000 photos
Grade: New

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Price: $29 USD

Swords of Honor & Regulationby Kevin Hoffman. This is an annual subscription to a web-publication which will aid in identification of American used and American made swords.
Over 500 swords and over 4000 photographs have already been included - more swords are planned to be added on a monthly basis. We have posted about half of the swords we have collected or handled in the past 50 years. The other half will be added as time permits as well as swords from other collections. Swords of Regulation, Non-Regulation, and even some Speculation are included. 
New information and swords will be updated as found. Subscription is only $29 per year.
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