Bailey, Banks and Biddle USMC Mameluke, 1 known

Item #: SG464

Only Mameluke known by Bailey'

Made: not dated / Philadelphia, Pa
Maker: Bailey, banks & Biddle
Model: M1872

Condition: VG-Exc

Price: $1,100 USD
CSA Naval/Marine Cutlass - only known example.

Item #: SJM556

CSA Naval/Marine Cutlass - only one know of this style.


Made: CW period / 
Maker: Unknown
Model: Naval Cutlass

Condition: VG

Price: $5,750 USD
eBook subscription - Swords of Honor & Regulation

Item #: ebook01

Swords of Honoor and Regulation by Kevin Hoffman - a photographic aid to identification and variations of U.S. and C.S. Swords'

Made: 2011 /
Maker: Kevin Hoffman
Model: eBook

Condition: New

Price: $29 USD
M 1840 Cavalry Officer Saber

Item #: SJM522

M 1840 Cavalry Officer Saber.


Made: 1850's / Unknown
Maker: Unknown
Model: M 1840 Cavalry Officer Saber

Condition: Good

Price: $1,550 USD
M 1860 Cavalry Officer Saber -  " Ames - clone"

Item #: SJM386

M 1860 Cavalry Officer Saber -  " Ames - clone".'

Made: 1860-1865 / Unknown
Maker: Unknown
Model: M 1860 Cavalry Officer

Condition: VG

Price: $2,850 USD
Mounted Officer Sword

Item #: SJM537

Mounted Officer Sword.


Made: CW period / Solingen
Maker: Kirschbaum
Model: Mounted Officer Sword

Condition: Fair

Price: $1,150 USD
Navy, non-regulation Eagle Pommel w/ folding guard

Item #: SG400

Eagle hilt with Eagle over Anchor guard, ray skin grip & folding counter guard'

Made: C1850 / Philadelphia
Maker: Horstmann, W.H. & Sons
Model: Non-Regulation Eagle pommel

Condition: Excellent+

Price: $7,500 USD