Confederate Foot Officer - Thomas, Griswold - N.O.

Confederate Foot Officer - Thomas, Griswold - N.O.

Item #: SJM148

    Confederate Foot Officer Sword marked T.G. & Co. by Thomas, Griswold & Co. of New Orleans.

Manufd: New Orleans 
Maker: T.G. & Co. 
Year: Early War 
Model: M 1850 Foot Officer Sword 
Size: 29.5 inches 
Condition: VG+ 

 USA/Canada - $24 per Item
 Europe - $48 per Item
 APAC - $48 per Item
 S,Cent America - $48 per Item


Price: $9,300 USD

Confederate Foot Officer Sword and scabbard by T.G. & Co of New Orleans. A well cast brass guard with a few flaws and a bulbous finial (Griswold tell tale sign). A well cast pommel with a back seam and a 3 step crown. The grip is a wood core wrapped in thin leather and bound with fine twisted copper wire. The blade is bright with a crude ricasso area stamped T G & Co / N.O. Leather, back seamed scabbard with lightly gilt brass mounts held in place by very small screws. Scabbard had a bend 3/4 of the way down which has been strengthened.

    Hilt, Slight grip swell lower portion

Reverse, grip taper to pommel

Guard and pommel detail

TG & Co / N.O.