Ames - Springfield, Throat w/ carry ring & Drag

 Ames - Springfield, Throat w/ carry ring & Drag

Item #: USR6

Unusual Scabbard configuration

Year made: 1832
Made in: Springfield
Maker: N. P. Ames Cutler
Model: M1832/1834
Size: 31.5 in. blade
Grade: Excellent+

 USA/Canada - $24 per Item
 Europe - $48 per Item
 APAC - $48 per Item
 S,Cent America - $48 per Item


Price: $4,750 USD

Throat and drag mounts only. Unusual top mount with single carry ring and frog stud and no middle mount and no sign that there ever was one.  Blade decoration on the obverse is: N.P.Ames / Cutler / Springfield, U.S. inside a shield with a wreath below and stand of American flags and a liberty cap. American Eagle with E. Pluribus Unum in ribbon with 13 stars above and a wreath below. The reverse has foliage, Tecumseh, and the Eagle as described